Fynalite - serious tools for serious work
Fynalite - serious tools for serious work

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Innovative fork designed for use on all pellet type beddings

Code Handle type Handle length Grip Material
Long Handle - Dimensions W x H 31 x 142
WPL Long 112cm Textured Hardwood
WPLP Long 112cm Textured Hardwood
WPFG Long 112cm Textured Fiberglass
WPLA Long 112cm Textured Aluminium
WPLASH Long 112cm Textured Ash
Standard D Handle - Dimensions W x H 31 x 119
WPD D 95cm Plastic D Hardwood
WPDA D 95cm Plastic D Aluminium
WPDASH D 95cm Plastic D Ash
T Handle - Dimensions W x H 31 x 119
WPT T 95cm Plastic T Hardwood
WPTASH T 95cm Plastic T Ash

Pellet Master Stable Fork
Pellet Master Fork
Pellet Master STable Fork
Fynalite brands Mini Mucka Skip and Scoop Junior Hi Strength Multi Mucka Multi Weeda Groovy Fork Rubber Matting Fork
Registered Design
The Pellet Master Stable Fork is protected by Registered Design No.000264296